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Side Hustle

Michael Danese, '77 Film-Video

Side Hustle book cover

Michael Danese recently published his 30th story, "Side Hustle." In this short story, Alisha and Riggy are bright college students wondering where they will get the money to continue their educations. Then Riggy saw a story about a man who was tied up and robbed by an escort and Alisha was inspired.

She devised a fool-proof scheme to attract middle-aged, well-off men to hotel rooms and gain their trust. She then handcuffed them to the bed and called Riggy who came in with a camera. Then they took their victim’s credit cards while they threatened blackmail.

The plan worked great for a few months — until they robbed the wrong guy!

Information about all of Danese's work may be found online at http://michaeldanese.weebly.com/