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The Communicator

King of 'The Hot Seat'

Faculty member Steve Manuel enjoys helping students succeed — and making them a little uneasy too

Steve Manuel at the Outback Bowl

Perspective: Leaders at Penn State - Marie Hardin


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A Day in the Life

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Jessica Paholsky portrait

A Day in the Life with Jessica Paholsky

Video Marketing Coordinator, Milton Hershey School

Jessica Paholsky ('14 Journ) enjoys interacting with the variety of people people — and telling their stories — at the Milton Hershey School.

Ben Boskovich golfer
A Day in the Life with Ben Boskovich

Deputy Editor at Esquire

Samantha Freed at work with a mascot
A Day in the Life with Samantha Freed

Senior Manager of Event Operations, San Diego Padres

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The Interview

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Stephanie Madden

The Interview

Stephanie Madden

Stephanie Madden is an assistant professor in the Department of Advertising/Public Relations. While her research falls “under the umbrella of public relations,” she says her work differs from some of her colleagues in the discipline.

Madden studies care. She defines “care” as how organizations help reduce harm. Through her research, Madden seeks to uncover abuses of power focusing on prevention. For example, her dissertation was related to sexual assault and sexual abuse, and how colleges and universities can use strategic communication to proactively combat campus sexual assault.

Madden led an interdisciplinary research project with colleagues Chris Skurka and Jessica Myrick from the Bellisario College and Kate Guastaferro from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State. The study was published in the Howard Journal of Communications and titled “When home is not safe: Media coverage and issue salience of child maltreatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The scholars surveyed respondents to see which messages were most effective in communicating the dangers and warning signs of child maltreatment, as well as calls to action.

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Curt Chandler headshot
Curt Chandler

Award-winning, respected faculty member

Richard Barton headshot
Richard Barton

Longtime Faculty Member

Greg Myford headshot
Greg Myford

'86 Journ

Director of Athletics, University of Alaska Anchorage

Leslie Lewis Montz headshot
Leslie Lewis Montz

'41 Journ

William Summers

'50 Journ

Longtime editor and writer at the Orlando Sentinel and World War II Navy veteran

William Eiler

'74 MA Journ

Longtime public relations executive and comedian/magician

Bob Quarteroni

'75 Journ

Reporter, editor, and columnist at the Centre Daily Times